I'm Markus
a Front-End-Developer

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What I do

Clean Code

I implement web apps using Angular and help design REST interfaces.

User Experience

Performance optimization, Usabillity and Accessibility is an important part of my work.


I started as a graphic designer and I still use Sketch for rapid prototyping and designing.

  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • ReactiveX
  • NgRx
  • Cypress
  • Jest
  • Nest Js
  • Git
  • Sketch App

Current Personal Projects

Mobile Frameworks Comparison Chart

Mobile Frameworks
Comparison Chart

Compare most major mobile frameworks for your next mobile hybrid, native or web app.

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Angular Development Extension Pack

Angular Development
Extension Pack

A currated list of all the VS Code extension you may need for Angular development.

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Continuous Delivery Config Server

Continuous Delivery Config Server

A simple configuration service for CD using semantic versioning.

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How I work


I'm a certified Professional Scrum Developer and improve by inspecting and adapting.


Technology makes this come true 👨🏼‍💻🏝. All I need is Wifi, VPN and video conferencing.


I put 25% of my time into personal projects, conferences or dungeon mastering.